St. Clair County Early Childhood HUB

Services for pregnant women and families.

The St. Clair County Early Childhood HUB helps families connect to home visiting services. Families are assisted in choosing the early childhood program that best fits their need.

Welcome to St. Clair County Early Childhood HUB

The HUB is specifically designed for pregnant women and children ages 0-5. When you provide answers to the following questions, the HUB will find the best program for your needs. You may be eligible for several programs, however, one provider will make the initial contact. The HUB is a secure system and your personal information will not be shared with anyone outside our hub.

The information on the form is being requested on a voluntary basis. Personal information entered by users into the forms is used solely to help us determine the St. Clair County Early Childhood HUB services most appropriate for your family. The provided information will be shared with the designated agencies that will then contact you within 3-5 business days. Any and all information provided will be kept private and will never be sold or shared without personal consent.

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